MSc/PhD Program

Press: Videos / Audio


The international Master's/PhD Molecular Biology Program is member of the Göttingen Graduate School for Neurosciences and Molecular Biosciences (GGNB), funded by the German Excellence Initiative. A video about the graduate school was produced by the German Research Foundation (DFG) in June 2009.

On the occasion of a meeting of the European education ministers in Berlin in September 2003, Deutsche Welle TV chose "Studying in Europe" as the topic of the day, including a 3-min report on the MSc/PhD Molecular Biology and Neuroscience Programs - International Max Planck Research Schools in Göttingen.

Students of the international Molecular Biology and Neuroscience programs organize monthly culture nights. Indian Nights certainly belong to the highlights with up to 200 guests participating in these events. The 3-min video gives impressions of the Indian Night in March 2009.


Students of the international Molecular Biology and Neuroscience programs participated in a city contest, organized by the radio NDR radio station in May 2008. Competing with students from the University of Kiel, the Göttingen competed quite successfully in building a play-house for the University Kindergarten.



On 12 September 2005, Deutschlandfunk reported about the Molecular Biology Program in the context of recent developments regarding (international) graduate schools in Germany. To download an MP3 version of this 4-min report, click on the hyperlink below: