MSc/PhD Program
Bassel Makhouly
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Bassel Makhouly


College / University:
University of Osnabrück, University of Göttingen

Highest Degree:
Diplom (Biology), University of Göttingen

Major Subjects:
Molecular genetics (major), immunology, organic chemistry, microbiology

Projects / Research:
Diploma thesis "Expression and Regulation of Estradiol-Receptors Type a and b in Endocrine Organs of the Rat"; examination of regulation of the expression of both ER subtypes in hypothalamic areas relevant for the feedback action of estrogen on hormone secretion; to address this issue: development of an animal model and the RT-Triplex-PCR method for ERa , ERß and L7. With this work I was able to show an autoregulation of ERa and ERb expression by E2, depending on the nucleus investigated, as an agonist or antagonist


Ph.D. project at the University of Göttingen, Dept of Clinical and Experimental Endocrinology ( Prof. Dr. W. Wuttke, Prof. Dr. H. Jarry). Focus on neuroendocrinology, particularly on the process of aging of the reproductive functions in the central nervous system of the female rat. Methods: in situ hybridization, immunocytochemistry, quantitative RT-PCR. Participation in an additional project: cloning and localizing the gene IL-1 beta from the marmoset monkey (Callithrix jacchus).