MSc/PhD Program
Olexiy Kochubey
First Name:

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Olexiy Kochubey


College / University:
1996 - 2001: Dniepropetrovsk National University, Dept. of Exp. Physics

Highest Degree:
M.Sc. in biomedical and technical apparati and systems, DNU

Major Subjects:
Biophysics, mathematical modelling, engineering

Lab Experience/Projects/Research:
9/1999 - 6/2001: "Construction and studies of stochastic mathematical models of neurons" in the project "Mechanisms of coupling of electrogenesis and shape in developing nervous cells", Research Lab. of Biophysics and Bioelectronics, Dept. of Exp. Physics, DNU. The results were included in B.Sc. thesis " Stochastic model of population of ionic channels" and M.Sc. thesis "Stochastic models of neuronal activity"
7/2001 - 9/2001: position as Junior Researcher in the same laboratory.

9/1999 - 6/2001 Scholarship of the Parliament of Ukraine
2001/2002 Carl Zeiss Stipend

Korogod SM, Kochubey OO, Kulagina IB, and Savtchenko LP (2000) Spatial effects of distributed synaptic input to active dendrites (deterministic vs stochastic models). 3rd European Biophysics Congress, Munchen, Germany 9-13 Sep., 2000, Abstr. EBJ with Biophys. Letters, 29(4-5): 352.


I am interested in mechanisms of signal transformation and transmission within the brain at the molecular and cellular levels. Membrane biophysics and electrophysiology as well as molecular biology give us the way to detailed understanding of this self-organizing system and the philosophy of life. I believe in mathematical modelling of biophysical processes to be the best instrument of life cognition in addition to the real experiments.