MSc/PhD Program
Luis Felipe Opazo
First Name:
Luis Felipe

Last Name:



Luis Felipe Opazo


College / University:
1997 - 2003: Universidad de Chile
2000: State University of New York SUNY

Highest Degree:
B.Sc. Molecular Biotechnology Engineering

Major Subjects:
Bioinformatics, Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology

Lab Experience:
Protein Modeling, Bioinformatics, Protocols in Molecular Biology, Cell Biology Proteins Biochemistry: expression & purification

Projects / Research:
1998 - 1999: Microbiology and Biotechnology Laboratory, University of Chile, Chemotaxis in Thiobazilus ferrooxidans.
2000: Plattsburg State University of New York, Alternative Oxidase Pathway (AOX) in Chlamidomonas reindhardii.
2001: San Diego, California, International Workshop on “Drug Design” and “How to use CHARMm force field” in SGI interface with Insight II tools.
2002 - 2003: Millennium Institute CBB, University of Chile & EMBL Heidelberg; Master’s thesis entitled “Theoretical and Experimental Studies of the inhibition mechanism of the cycline dependent kinase, Cdk5 and it implication on Alzheimer disease”.

2002 - 2003: Millennium Institute for Advanced Studies in Cell Biology (CBB)
2003 - 2004: Stipend International Max Planck Research School


Know a bit more of the complexity of the brain, looking forward to study neuropathologies and hopefully we could give some explanation of neurodegenerative phenomena.