MSc/PhD Program
Burcu Kasapoglu
First Name:

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Burcu Kasapoglu


College / University:
2000 - 2005: Middle East Technical University, Turkey

Highest Degree:
B.Sc. in Molecular Biology and Genetics
Minor Program in Psycholog

Major Subjects:
Molecular and cellular biology, genetics, microbiology, neurochemistry, sensory physiology, experimental psychology, cognitive processes, physiological psychology

Lab Experience:
protein isolation, purification, characterisation techniques, Mendelian molecular genetics, cell biology, stereotaxic surgery procedures, mammalian and bacterial cell culture, spectrophotometric analysis, fluorescence microscopy-based visualization, preparation of polymer films

Projects / Research:
Project on responsive tissue engineering carriers, poly (NIPAM) as a thermoresponsive cell carrier, Middle East Technical University , Turkey
Summer practice on molecular analysis in neurodegenerative diseases, like SCA and ALS, Bogazici University , Turkey
Summer research on cloning of the thermostable DNA polymerase gene from a thermophilic bacterium found in a hot spring water in Turkey , Bilkent University , Turkey

2005 - 2006: Stipend International Max Planck Research School, Germany

I am curious about ways to find a treatment for both psychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases. The question how a chemical abnormality or an impairment in a common mechanism can affect someone’s emotional life or selectively damage one type of cells waits its answer. I wish to study the de/regeneration and regrowth processes of the nerve cells and the action of the signal transduction mechanisms in these processes. Additionally, I wish to deal with the stem cells in order to construct models to be able to implant nerve tissues to replace the damaged tissue.