MSc/PhD Program
Andrew Woehler
First Name:

Last Name:




Andrew Woehler


College / University:
1999 - 2004: Arizona State University, USA

Highest Degree:
B.Sc.E. in Bioengineering

Major Subjects:
Biology, Physics, Signals and Systems/Control Systems, Neuroscience

Lab Experience:
Basic techniques in biology, chemistry and physics, microcomputer application to biological systems, and biomedical instrumentation

Projects / Research:
2003 - 2004: Capstone Design and Development Project: System for the Controlled Electrical Neural Stimulation of Epileptic Rats. ASU Brain Dynamics Lab, Barrow Neurological Institute EEG Animal Research Lab
2003 - 2004: Undergraduate Thesis: Nonlinear Dynamical Systems in Physiology and NLDS Application to Epilepsy Prediction and Prevention

2005 - 2006: Stipend International Max Planck Research School, Germany
1999 - 2004: Arizona State Regents Scholarship
1999 - 2004: ASU Presidential Scholarship

I would like to gain a greater understanding of the molecular level mechanisms and activities of the brain and their relationship to the larger system level function. I am interested in gaining an in-depth understanding of the current modeling methods for normal neuronal behavior, as well as the anomalous behavior that lead to neurological disease. Ultimately, my goal is to be able to apply these techniques to help develop new therapies for prevention and treatment of neurological disorders.