MSc/PhD Program
Ahmed El Hady
First Name:
Ahmed Tarek

Last Name:
El Hady




Ahmed Tarek El Hady


College / University:
Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University

Highest Degree:

Major Subjects:
Pharmaceutical and Biological Sciences

Lab Experience:
Basic chromatographic techniques, HPLC, UV, IR, western blotting, electrophoresis, and endothelial cell culturing

Projects / Research:
June - July 2005: 'Role of PP2Cß in atherosclerosis', Marburg Institute for Pharmacology and Toxicology , Germany

2007 - 2008: Stipend of the Excellence Foundation for the Promotion of the Max Planck Society


One of the greatest scientific achievements that inspired me a lot is Darwin 's evolutionary theory. The ability of natural selection to explain several biological phenomena encouraged me to address questions at the interface of neurosciences and evolutionary biology such as how can genetics techniques be used to identify genes that played a crucial role in brain evolution?  Which specific genes were crucial in development of unique human linguistic abilities? How can computational modelling of neuronal circuits explain emergence of complex traits in Homo sapiens? Could these complex traits be mimicked in artificial systems?

By addressing these questions, we could be able to provide novel  techniques and models for studying brain evolution which remains one of the most challenging areas of evolutionary biology. 'Understanding our brain history should enable us to predict our brain's future'.