MSc/PhD Program
Nora Wender
First Name:

Last Name:




Nora Wender


College / University:
2004 - 2007: University of Heidelberg

Highest Degree:
B.Sc. in Molecular Biotechnology

Major Subjects:
Bioinformatics, Drug research, Biophysics

Lab Experience:
Basic techniques in molecular biology, microbiology, biochemistry and biotechnology; cell culture and cellular assay systems (Alpha Screen, FLIPR)

Projects / Research:
2007: Cellular assays with metabotrophic glutamate receptors for studying dose-response relationships
2005 - 2006: Reconstruction of neurons stained with biocytin

2007 - 2008: International Max Planck Research School support
2005 - 2008: Scholarship “Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes“

I am interested in the molecular understanding of and therapy opportunities for neurodegenerative diseases. I would like to be able to contribute to these research fields since they are getting more and more important as a consequence of recent changes in the age distribution of the European society. Furthermore I would like to learn more about differences between human and primate brains, especially the development of language. In addition, I am fascinated by the formation of neuronal networks as well as the neuronal processes underlying human vision and other senses which combine perceiving, analyzing, and associating in a very effective way. Moreover I am interested in the field of epigenetics.