MSc/PhD Program
Natalia Revelo Nuncira

First Name:

Last Name:
Revelo Nuncira




Natalia Revelo Nuncira


College / University:
2003 – 2007: Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá

Highest Degree:
B.Sc. in Biology (Honor degree)

Major Subjects:
Animal physiology, Cell Biology, Neurobiology

Lab Experience:
Techniques in Schwann cells primary cultures from sciatic nerve and dorsal root ganglion, tridimensional cultures in collagen matrix and immunohistochemistry, practical training in stereotaxic surgery

Projects / Research:
2008 Content based recovery system for histological images
2008 Thyroperoxidase location in mouse thyroid follicles
2007 Mouse sciatic nerve Schwann cells and endoneural fibroblast tridimensional cultures in a collagen matrix

2008 – 2009: Stipend of the Excellence Foundation for the Promotion of the Max Planck Society
2008: Young and innovative researchers program, COLCIENCIAS, Colombia
2007: Study Visits / Study Seminars and Practicals in Germany by Foreign Students, DAAD
2003/I, 2004/I, 2004/II, 2005/I, 2005/II, 2007/I & 2007/II: Honor matriculation and tuition fee exemption for the best semestral Grade Point Average, Universidad Nacional de Colombia


As a biologist I am deeply interested in several areas of Neurosciences. I want to investigate the physiological and cellular events occurring after different nervous system injuries with two principal aims: to work in the design of ideal prostheses for peripheral nervous system recovery, and to comprehend how brain injuries provoke neuropsychological diseases. I also consider important the study of the enteric nervous system, how it controls digestive functions and the appearance of illnesses regarding its malfunction. Besides, I find fascinating the extraordinary mechanisms involved in cognitive processes and synaptic plasticity and how they developed along the evolutionary history to generate complex behaviours, as key tools in the environment exploration.