MSc/PhD Program
Diana Urrego
First Name:
Diana Elizabeth

Last Name:
Urrego Blanco



Diana Elizabeth Urrego Blanco


College / University:
Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá

Highest Degree:
B.Sc. in Biology

Major Subjects:
Cell Biology, Animal Physiology, Membrane Biology, Neurophysiology

Lab Experience:
Basic techniques in histology and microscopy, stereotaxic surgery, extracellular recording on Motor Cortex and Patch Clamp recording

Projects / Research:
2008: Structural changes on pyramidal neurons from the primary motor cortex after facial nerve injury in mice and rats

2009 – 2010: Stipend of the Excellence Foundation for the Promotion of the Max Planck Society
Aug-Nov 2008: Stipend of the Max Planck Institute for Experimental Medicine (internship)
Jan 2007 - June 2008: Universidad Nacional de Colombia (to upper 10% class students)


My interests focus mainly on biological circuits and signals between cells. I want to know how the brain is able to organize the neuronal networks during the development and how it evolves after several stimuli such as learning and injuries. I am particularly interested in synaptic plasticity.