MSc/PhD Program
M Sadman Sakib
First Name:
M Sadman

Last Name:


M Sadman Sakib


College / University:
University of Dhaka

Highest Degree:
B.Sc. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Major Subjects:
Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Basic Neuroscience, Immunology, Bioinformatics, Genetics, Human Nutrition

Lab Experience:
Basic techniques in biochemistry and molecular biology, PCR, molecular cloning, molecular docking

Projects / Research:
Prediction of Epitope-Based Peptides for the Utility of Vaccine Development from Fusion and Glycoprotein of Nipah Virus Using In Silico Approach(Advances in Bioinformatics, July 2014, Volume 2014)
Computational identification of Brassica napus pollen specific protein Bnm1 as an allergen(International Journal on Bioinformatics & Biosciences (IJBB), June 2013, Vol.3, No.2)
A computational assay to design an epitope-based peptide vaccine against chikungunya virus (Future Virology, October 2012, Vol. 7, No. 10, 1029-1042)

2014 - 2016: Erasmus Mundus Scholarship
Bangladesh Government Scholarship


My My major interest is to understand memory, cognition, behavior, and also brain functions in both physiological and pathophysiological conditions. I also have keen interest in understanding neural circuits and new techniques such as optogenetics, neuroimaging, etc. My goal would be to use my previous knowledge and amalgamate them with my new learnings to discover the mysteries of the brain, which can ultimately help finding drugs to resolve neurological disorders.