MSc/PhD Program
Dawn J Tan
First Name:
Dawn J

Last Name:



Dawn J Tan


College / University:
National University of Singapore

Highest Degree:

Major Subject:
Life Sciences (with specialization in Biomedical Sciences), Psychology

Lab Experience:
Stem cell culture and differentiation, Western Blot, protein extraction,iImmunohistochemistry, immunofluorescence assay and imaging, light and fluorescence, microscopy, ImageJ processing, statistics in IBM SPSS

Projects / Research:
2018-2019: Bachelor’s Thesis “Loss of FEZ1 results in impairment of motor neuron development and morphology”
2017: Research project “Understanding the role of FEZ2 in neurons”.

2020 - 2021: Stipend by the International Max Planck Research School


Having studied life sciences and psychology during my undergraduate years, I am constantly impressed and intrigued by the complexity of the brain, and the diverse range of topics and angles from which one can study the brain and behaviour. I am interested in neuro-virology and immunology in particular. Shifting climates and human activity have exacerbated the transmission of deadly pathogens and infectious diseases. With the recent global COVID-19 pandemic, the pervasive nature of such diseases is indisputable - affecting all levels of society and across socioeconomic status. Studying the specific neurological implications of infectious diseases is a field that I hope to be part of and develop to help those vulnerable and afflicted, especially given the increasing frequency and magnitude of disease outbreaks that are due to plague the world.