MSc/PhD Program

Methods Courses

During the first months (Oct - Dec) of the Neuroscience Program, all students participate in a series of introductory methods courses. They learn fundamental techniques applied in current research and meet members of the participating research groups.

Courses are not open to the public.

Block A - Neuroanatomy and Development

Topic Supervisors
Human Brain Reuss
Histology & Cytology Chao
Introduction to Mouse Brain Anatomy Burk, Markworth
Sensory Systems, Electrophysiology Möck et al.
EM Möbius
Demo MRI and MRS Boretius, Baudewig
PYTHON Rüchardt, Wedi, Yik

Block B - Molecular Biology, Development, Neurogenetics and Basic Statistics

Topic Supervisors
Statistics, Software Training Friede, Leha
Introduction to Cell Culture Methods Rhee
Methods in Molecular Biology Goebbels, Wojcik, Ewers
Olfactory Learning in Drosophila Fiala
Insect Muscles Heinrich, Jelten
Quantitative Analysis of Drosophila Behaviours Geurten, Eckard
Single Neuron Recording Ferber
Live-Cell Imaging Demo Rizzoli, Sertel
Fluorescence Microscopy Optics, (non)Confocal Imaging Enderlein, Gregor
Quantitative Methods in Decision Making Studies Pooresmaeili

Block C - Physiology

Topic Supervisors
Demo Patch Clamp Techniques Schlüter
Oocyte Patch Clamp Pardo
Invasive Electrophysiology in Humans SchwiedrzikPardo

Block D - Moedlling, Autonomous Nervous System, Pharmacology

Topic Supervisors
Behavioral Analysis NN

Block E - Sensory and Motor Systems

Topic Supervisors
Clinical Sensory Physiology Moser, Neef
Functional Topography of the Human Brain Chao
Muscle & Spinal Motor Systems Hülsmann, Dibaj