MSc/PhD Program

PhD Program

Students who have passed the examinations at the end of the first year with good or excellent results qualify for direct admission to a three-year doctoral project in one of the participating research groups without being required to complete a Master's thesis first.

The PhD program emphasizes independent research carried out by the students. Doctoral students select three faculty members as their doctoral committee, who closely monitors progress and advises the students with regard to their research project.

The doctoral research project is complemented by a PhD curriculum. The Götingen Graduate Center for Neurosciences, Biophysics, and Molecular Biosciences (GGNB) under the umbrella of the Georg-August University School of Science (GAUSS) was funded by the German Excellence Initiative until 2019. GAUSS and GGNB continue to offer a large variety of training activities, including more than 150 scientific methods courses and more than 40 professional skills courses, language courses, and industry excursions together with various additional measures for career development. All PhD students have full access to all courses and events and are free to tailor their curriculum according to their needs.

Credit requirements are modest. According to the doctoral regulations, a student completes the equivalent of at least 20 credits (C) according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) by choosing courses which are suitable with respect to her/his special area of study:

One credit is equivalent of a workload of approx. 30 hours including the time needed for preparation and follow-up.

Examples of courses and activities offered as part of the PhD curriculum include:

At the end of the PhD program, a doctoral thesis is submitted either in the traditional format, or as a collection of scientific publications in internationally recognized journals along with a general introduction and discussion of the results.

The degree of a "Doctor of Philosophy" (Ph.D.) or, alternatively, "Doctor of Natural Sciences" (Dr. rer. nat.) will be awarded after successful defense of the doctoral thesis. Candidates that have previously graduated from Medical School can receive an MD-PhD degree.

Further information and degree regulations can be found in the Info & Regulations section.